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We manufacture in house to specification

We adhere to Boeing & Airbus Standards


We do contract packaging to specification
We are the sole supplier to South African Airways
for all their on-board bathroom amenities.
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Airline Amenities for the hotel and airline industry, specialized liquid soaps for airline (conforms to Airbus & Boeing Standards) and medical use, Air Fresheners (conforms to Airbus and Boeing Standards), Sanitizers (conforms to Airbus and Boeing Standards)

Producing quatilty is our profession Here at Airline Amenities we strive for success and achieve the best products produced

We are known internationally
Our own perfumery
Develop antiseptics and massage oils
Bottling and branding
latest technology
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Client service center


Manufacturing plant

Bottle printing

Tested and quality guaranteed

Developing and manufacturing cosmetic products which includes amenity products for the hospitality and airline industry.

As a BEE company serving the corporate world, we are registered with the CTFA of South Africa, MCC and the Bar-coding Association of SA and we are Proudly South African.
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